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Ensuring supply
  • Stock requirements fulfilled 'on demand'
  • Elimination of any potential stock write-off
  • Rapid response through expert Account Manangment

PPGlobal provide market leading stock control. Our fully computerised inventory systems enable continuous monitoring of stock (JIT levels), ensuring that packaging is available when required.

Professional stock management fulfills stock requirements responsively on demand, reducing on site stock levels and eliminating write-off.

In-house quality procedures record every stage of manufacture resulting in full product traceability from raw materials to finished stock.

Our unique visi-stock system enables larger multi-product packers to monitor their packaging stock levels held by PPGlobal. Via our web based portal, visi-stock gives packers real-time access to:
  • Current stock levels
  • Stock reports for monthly usage
  • Stock replenishment requests

visi-stock benefits include:
  • Stock visibility
  • Reduced on site stock
  • Optimised efficiency of stock levels

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